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EES has always been a very creative entrepreneur when it comes to releasing local items. From the Namibia Flag shoes to the vitamin energy drink “WUMA” and many prouder local products. It all started when EES came up with the idea of a full-color street shoe sneaker back in 2011 and approached the Namibian based company Cymot for the help in producing his dream. About a year later in 2012 the “NAM FLAVA shoe” was born and sold nationwide in Namibia and in the online EES shop

It was a great moment in time as from that day forward many national sports teams or anybody wanting to represent Namibia outside the border was wearing the NAM FLAVA shoes and posting pics online. Since then the Sneakers really made their rounds and a couple of years later EES came up with a new design for the legendary Namibian Vellies leather cut shoes from Namibia in his own colorful way. He started the production of the handmade shoes with the well known Vellies production company African Lether Creations “Swakop Vellies” in 2017 and shortly after released the new shoe brand on his website and local shops in Namibia.

The Vellies are made from Kudu, Zebra & Cow leather and will be the most comfortable shoes you have ever walked in – in your life!-) This is a great way of bringing back old African traditional wear and incorporating it into the modern lifestyle – while also supporting the local economy.

Both the NAM FLAVA sneakers and the NAM FLAVA Vellies are available for purchase in the online shop – and we do ship worldwide. Sometimes when the demand is a bit higher than usual – we might be out of stock – but just hand in there and we will make a plan to stock up again.

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